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Local title companies offering drive-thru closings for home buyers due to COVID-19 concerns

Posted at 12:25 PM, Mar 25, 2020

Home buying and selling is considered "essential" even with Denver's stay-at-home order and other cities and counties soon to follow.

Local title companies across the state are now offering drive-thru closings to home buyers. They do most of the work over the phone. When they show up on closing day, they simply sign the documents from inside their cars.

Tom Zimmerman with Unified Title Company said they want to keep the community, the company's agents and all their customers safe.

Denver7 talked with a real estate agent about the state of the housing market during the pandemic.

"We're still in business," said realtor John Harding. "Sellers are still getting multiple offers on homes. We may see five offers on a home instead of 10, but it is still a good market for sellers right now."

Harding said realtors are taking extra precautions when showing homes to potential buyers.

"We're showing homes virtually," he said. "Some agents are sanitizing the door knob and asking potential buyers not to touch anything in the home that's for sale."

There are steps you can take with your lendor to delay your closing with no penalty if you contract COVID-19 and can't make it to your scheduled closing.

Harding didn't seem too concerned about the potential of a slowing market.

"We believe any slowing will be temporary," he said. "If we can't buy or sell now then we’re going to see a surge after this passes. The market is still gonna be there for buyers and sellers."