Local terrorism expert gives insight into mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando

Posted at 12:21 PM, Jun 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-12 14:21:28-04

A local retired Army special forces Lt. Col. is talking about Sunday morning's mass shooting in Orlando, condemning the attack, but warning more may be coming.

Mitch Utterback lives in Colorado, but from an Army hotel aboard Fort Bragg, NC, he spoke about Sunday morning's attacks.

"ISIS, Al Qaeda are at war with the United States," said Utterback, citing reports the suspect, Omar Mateen, was affiliated with ISIS. "It doesn't require that they fly over here and bomb us. It just requires that their adherents and their converts here attack here in the United States."

Utterback said the Orlando Pulse nightclub attack bears similarities to the Paris attacks.

"The Le Bataclan night club was also attacked for a reason. People are crowded in there, they're just feet from each other. And a dedicated killer, really has the ability to inflict a lot of carnage. Because people in night clubs are expecting to be victimized," Utterback said.

Utterback said Mateen was there to do as much damage as possible, he was armed with a high powered rifle with a high capacity magazine.

"This will continue. So long as Al Qaeda and ISIS exist and that ideology exists and the ability communicate through all forms of online communication. People here will be inspired and driven to conduct attacks," Utterback said.