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Leashed dog attacks woman on trail near Breckenridge

Posted at 12:18 PM, Sep 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-20 14:18:09-04

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. — A dog was scheduled for euthanasia after it attacked a woman on a trail near Breckenridge last week. 

On Friday around 6 p.m., Summit County Sheriff’s Office deputies and animal control officers responded to a report of a woman who was seriously bitten by a leashed dog on the Peaks Trail in unincorporated Summit County near Breckenridge. 

The woman was walking on the trail when she passed another woman walking an Anatolian Shepherd. The dog attacked the passing woman from behind, biting her right arm and shaking her to the ground. 

The woman who was walking the dog said she was petsitting it and attempted to call its owner, but couldn't reach him. She said she would take the dog to the car and return to the scene, but never did. 

The woman who was bit was transported by ambulance to Summit Medical Center for treatment. 

On Monday, the owner of the dog contacted Summit County Animal Control and said his girlfriend had been taking care of the dog and had handled the incident poorly. He was summonsed to court for failing to prevent a hazard. 

Animal Control Director Lesley Hall said the owner had scheduled the euthanasia of the dog. 

"Tissue samples from the dog will be sent to the state laboratory and tested for rabies," Hall said.