Larimer Square is buzzing once again

Dr. Hugh Ragin playing the trumpet in Larimer Square
Posted at 6:35 AM, Sep 27, 2021

DENVER — It might be nearly October in Denver, but it feels like a springtime of sorts in Larimer Square — crowds of excited Denverites sauntering, smiling, and stopping to listen to music diffusing like aroma from sidewalk performers. Though the city reemerged from COVID protocols months ago, a walk through Larimer Square assures any pedestrian that the city is well on its way to thawing out socially as well.

The heart of the city is also filled with little cultural reminders as well, encouraging mementos for Denver residents that the city's sparkle is still alive and re-polished as downtown comes alive with an expanding calendar of events. Its week-long Oktoberfest just came to an end in the area.

One such hidden gem shined on full display Sunday evening. Pass too quickly and you might miss it.

Dr. Hugh Ragin on the trumpet belted jazz tunes on the corner of Larimer Street and 14th Street.

"To get back out in the street feels pretty good," Ragin said. "I like this little block that we are on. It's kind of a festive occasion, you know, and people passing by."

He found out this weekend he was nominated for a GRAMMY award.

"The record company emailed me and said they were gonna nominate me," he said. "It's all exciting."

Just as exciting, he said, are seeing people passing by and listening to his music once again.

"I feel like we're kind of crawling out of the COVID period here," Ragin said. "I feel grateful."