Motion cameras catch landlord having sex in tenant's bed; police issue arrest warrant

Posted at 4:17 PM, Dec 01, 2016

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Tenants who equipped their Colorado Springs apartment with motion security cameras were prepared for a home invasion, but never expected to catch their landlord having sex in their bed. 

Police say that's exactly what one husband and wife were alerted to after their cameras detected motion in the apartment and turned on, revealing a graphic scene. 

Colorado Springs Lt. Howard Black said when the tenants at the Skyway Condominiums apartment viewed the cameras, they saw "two guys having sex in their bed." 

Black said the graphic scene isn't the only thing that upset the couple -- they were upset to see the landlord and his partner use the wife's wedding dress as a rag to clean up after they were finished. 

Police confirmed the dress is being used as evidence in the case, in which Carlos Quijada, the landlord, faces an arrest warrant for criminal trespass and an obscenity charge. 

Quijada is allowed to under the rental agreement enter the apartment, but police described the acts in the apartment as a felony-level crime. 

The tenant provided video footage of the acts to KKTV, a Colorado Springs television station. 


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