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Lakewood parking garage hit with numerous thefts and break-ins

Parking garage attached to 7166 at Belmar
Posted at 12:07 AM, Dec 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-10 02:51:26-05

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — One car break-in is bad enough, but it happened to Tasha Pfeiffer four times in less than two years.

In fact, the numerous crimes have cost her and her boyfriend nearly $15,000.

"In 18 months, we've been the victims of four separate crimes in this garage," Pfeiffer said. "Just last week, my car was parked here and the catalytic converter was stolen."

Pfeiffer lives at 7166 Belmar in Lakewood. She says car thefts and break-ins at the parking garage there have become a problem.

"When I walk out to the garage, I wonder if my car is gonna have something else wrong with it," she said. "It's very frustrating."

The management at the apartment sent Denver7 a statement saying that crime is on the rise and they have notified police.

"The police have informed us this issue has been happening at apartment communities across the city, with the Belmar neighborhood being hit especially hard," the statement says. "We have requested the Lakewood PD make additional patrols at our community and they have been doing so. To supplement those patrols, we have also engaged our own courtesy patrol company to increase the frequency of patrols they make at our community."

Pfeiffer has been lent a new car as her current one gets a new catalytic converter. She wonders if this one will be a target as well.

She says she will likely move to a safer area once her lease is up.

"It just feels like, OK, when's the next crime going to happen?" she said. "Don't put your car in this garage if you want to keep it."