Kmart on last legs in Colorado; 2 Denver-area stores closing

Posted at 12:24 PM, Aug 24, 2017

DENVER – Kmart’s parent company, Sears Holdings, announced Thursday another wave of closures, and two Denver-area stores are on the list.

The two stores, located in Aurora and Englewood, are among 28 stores nationwide the chain will be shutting down.

The Kmart at 15200 East Colfax Avenue in Aurora and the Englewood store at Broadway and Belleview will close by mid-November. It’s not clear how many employees will be impacted.

Kmart was once one of the most dominant retailers in the Denver metro area, with several stores even selling groceries.

But the discounter started to slowly disappear from the retailing landscape over the past decade, shuttering hundreds of stores nationwide and in Colorado, including the city of Denver’s last remaining store in 2016.

This latest round of closures will leave only one store in the Denver metro area, which is located in Arvada. That store is facing increased competition from a newly-opened Walmart.

There will only be four Kmart stores left in Colorado after the stores begin liquidating. However, experts fear the chain is on its last legs and may not be around much longer.

The company announced the closures Thursday after its earnings statement showed a continued decline in sales.