Fallis jury sees dramatic 'body cam' video

Posted at 11:45 PM, Mar 22, 2016

Jurors watched dramatic 'body cam' video from inside the house of a former Weld County sheriff's deputy suspected of murdering his wife.

The video shows blood spatters on a bedroom wall and first responders carrying the victim, Ashley Fallis, out of the house by her hands and legs.

Jurors could hear a man, presumably the defendant, Tom Fallis, screaming, "You (f-word) wanted her to get high."

They could also hear children crying in the background.

Evans police officer Gabe Riemer said he was wearing the camera as part of a test of the department’s new body cam system.

"I was trying to preserve as much evidence as I could in its natural state," he said.

But Riemer said not all the video was saved.  He was talking about video of Tom Fallis, which was shot outside the house.

"There was an issue with downloading and saving some of the video," he said.

When asked if he heard Tom say he shot his wife, Riemer replied, “No.”

He did say Fallis was upset.

The officer testified that police didn’t arrest Tom or “bag his hands” because they didn’t believe Ashley was murdered.

Jurors have seen pictures of the bedroom where the victim was found.  Some of those pictures show evidence of a struggle in the bedroom.  There are framed photographs askew on the wall and some on the floor.

Jurors also saw a picture of the victim’s gun, divorce paperwork that was in a nightstand drawer, listing Ashley as the plaintiff, and they saw the actual clothes Ashley was wearing.

Crime Analyst Amy Williams, now with the Denver Police Department, but formerly with the Colorado Bureau of investigation, said “we expected to see more blood.”  She said the fact that they didn’t wasn’t unheard of, but it was a “red flag.”

Earlier in the day, Evans police officer Luke Croissant said that as he arrived at the scene, he observed two little girls coming around the corner of the garage.

“The two little girls are crying and screaming,” he said.  “One of them has a telephone and one of them says, ‘Mommy shot herself.’”

Croissant also said he spoke briefly with Chelsey Arrigo, who was in the neighborhood partying on New Year’s Eve.

He said, “She repeated that she heard a male yelling, ‘your (f-word) mom,’ then heard a female’s voice saying, ‘Get off me,’ and then the male was heard saying, ‘Don’t leave  me.’”

He said she then heard a sound like a vase breaking.

When questioned by a defense attorney, Croissant said he did not hear Tom Fallis make a confession.

“If you had heard that,” the defense attorney said, “if you had heard Tom Fallis say anything remotely like a confession, you would have put that in your report?”

Croissant responded, “Yes, ma’am.”

Jurors also heard from Madison Glover, a former next door neighbor, who said she was in her house and was crouching down near an open bedroom window, next to her brother and one of his friends, when she looked out and saw Tom Fallis squatting in her driveway, “rocking back and forth.”

When asked if she heard Tom Fallis say anything, Miss Glover replied, “He said something along the lines of ‘what did I do?’”

Tom Fallis says Ashley killed herself.

Ashley's family believes he murdered her and that Evans investigators left crucial information about what witnesses heard, out of their reports.

When that information was made public, the case was re-opened and Tom Fallis was indicted by a Grand Jury.

He is being tried for Second Degree Murder.