July brings 10 straight days of palindromes

Posted at 8:13 AM, Jul 11, 2017

“Was it a cat I saw?”

That’s a palindrome, meaning the phrase reads the same letter-for-letter backward or forward.

Now take a look at the calendar: The next several dates are all palindromes.

From July 10 to July 19, each date reads the same backward or forward when written in the numerical month/date/year format (using the single-digit month and excluding the slashes). For example, 7/10/17 (71017) gives you the same date when you flip it around.

That’s 10 straight days of palindromes!

And because the United States likes to do things differently (Imperial measurement system, anyone?), the palindromes only work here.

Elsewhere in the world, dates are typically written in the date/month/year format.

Enjoy the string of palindromes while it lasts – the next one won’t be until August of next year.