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JeffCo Republican Party claims dead people voted in the election, Denver7 discovered some are alive

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Posted at 11:03 AM, Dec 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-19 15:43:49-05

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — The Jefferson County Republican Party has submitted more than 3,000 voter records they claim are potentially fraudulent to the district attorney's office for review. Denver7 got a hold of the list and found that people the party claims are dead and voted are alive.

Denise Mund, the JeffCo Republican Party Chair, says they used a subscription-based system that helped them scour thousands of records.

"One hundred twenty-eight records were showing up as deceased. We also had a number that were voting from prison facilities, and we also had about 2,500 that had filed a national change of address, and yet they voted here in Colorado," Mund said.

Mund says their goal is to "restore voter integrity." The party wants the DA's office to investigate the voter records submitted.

Denver7 ran background checks and made calls to people the party claims are dead. We spoke with three people on the list that are alive.

Barbara Pietrafeso, a long-time Republican, tells us she changed her party affiliation this year. She says she's lived at her home in Arvada for 15 years. We reviewed her address and date of birth, which matched the name on the list submitted to the DA's Office.

"I was terribly surprised because I'm alive and well," Pietrafeso said. “I haven't even been hospitalized."

She mailed in her ballot and added that she's been voting since she can remember.

Marilyn VanWagenen was also on the dead voter list. Denver7 drove to her home in Lakewood, checked her ID, and verified her address. She's lived in her home for 50 years.

"I'm not deceased," she said. "I think they better have someone -- a volunteer, anybody -- double-check those lists because it's obviously incorrect."

She says several years ago, Social Security made an error, "they killed me," but she says she resolved the issue.

VanWagenen is a Republican and adds that the party needs to get its facts straight.

George Vialpando joked when Denver7 called and informed him he was on a list that claimed he was a dead voter.

"Let me pinch myself-- yep, yep, I'm still alive," Vialpando said.

He submitted his driver's license for our review, and it matched the information on the JeffCo Republican Party-list.

When Denver7 informed Mund of our findings, she said, "great."

"It doesn't surprise me at all," Mund said. "We know that anytime you do a data run just strictly based on what the computer says it needs to be verified."

We asked Mund if party volunteers called the people on their list or did any door-knocking before submitting the voter records to the DA's Office.

"No, we've not done that," Mund said. "What we have done is gone online and found obituaries and other death records."

President-elect Joe Biden won Jefferson County by nearly 70,000 votes.

"I do still trust the voting system," VanWagenen said.

The Republican party is also questioning the software used to count ballots. The party is seeking a hand recount of the votes. It's an expense quoted at $10,000 to obtain the record from the county clerk's office, according to the party, to obtain copies of the ballots.

Voters tell Denver7 it's time to move on and accept the election results.

"I am deeply concerned with all the information that's being spread throughout our country about fraudulent voting," Pietrafeso said.