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In midst of mystery drones, Denver Drone Night brings out racers, enthusiasts together

Posted at 1:40 AM, Feb 03, 2020

DENVER — In the past few weeks, mysterious drones have been driving residents in northeastern Colorado crazy, giving the flying machines a bad rap. But that hasn't stopped one group of drone enthusiasts who meet every Monday night to set aside the bad publicity and just have some fun.

Steve Zorn created Denver Drone Company to bring drone enthusiasts together and race the small quads on courses.

“It allows people to experience flight, which is just one of the greatest experiences,” Zorn said.

Racer James Whitacre said he's always wanted to fly and participating in these races was about as close to flying as he could get.

So what do you need to participate? A drone, its controller and goggles, which Zorn said pilots strap on so they can have a first-person view of what a camera in the drone sees as its zips across the air.

“I love it, I love tiny whoop racing,” said racer Elliott Varga about the developing sport. “It seems like it’s just been growing and growing every day."

Varga said the racing is quickly catching on.

“More people are getting drones each day, and it’s great for the hobby, I think,” he said.

Zorn said he plans to use his company to put Denver on the map as the capital of drones

"Come out, let’s get a drone in your hand, and that will pretty much alleviate all your fears once you experience it for yourself,” he said.

The company holds their weekly Denver Drone Night event at The Venue, located at 1451 Cortez St. in Denver. To learn more about the Denver Drone Company, click here.