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'I saw a bullet entry hole': Woman recounts helping injured bystander after LoDo police shooting

Five bystanders injured after officers shot at suspect in crowded area
Woman recounts helping injured bystander in LoDo shooting
Posted at 10:02 PM, Jul 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-19 00:31:52-04

DENVER — Nearly 48 hours after the Sunday morning police shooting in which five bystanders were injured, questions from the community continue to arise as witnesses come forward with details of the chaos.

"After multiple shots, I was kind of scared, and, like everyone else, running for our lives at that point," Aubriana Banks told Denver7.

Banks said she was picking up food at 20th and Larimer streets after a night out with friends when she heard gunshots. While running away, she said she saw a woman who was bleeding profusely from her arm.

"We went into this parking lot over here, between some cars, for safety,” Banks said, pointing through an alleyway off of Larimer street.

"I saw blood on the front of her arm. I didn't even realize she was shot until I removed my hand and there was all of her blood, on my hand," she continued. "I saw a bullet entry hole on the back of her shoulder, and that's when I knew she was hit in the process of the shooting."

Banks said she took a photo of her hand after the ordeal. In the photo shared with Denver7, you can see a blood-stained palm.

"Luckily, my friend was also with me, and we just were calming [the woman] down. We kept having her tell us her name so she could stay conscious through the whole thing," Banks said. "I'm just traumatized."

Other videos shared with Denver7 appear to show other injured bystanders being treated during the incident.

Denver police said all the bystanders who were treated at hospitals have been cleared to go home. An update on the investigation into the shooting is slated for Wednesday.