Eviction threat returns for Broomfield tenants

Posted at 8:39 PM, Dec 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-07 22:39:07-05

Hundreds of families who were undercharged for rent and water due to a miscalculation by their management company are now facing eviction less than a week after they thought the problem was fixed.

Tenants who live in the Kimberly Hills, Friendly Village of the Rockies and Front Range communities are being charged hundreds of dollars in back pay as a result of the mistakes made by their management company.

Denver7 first reported the issues at the three mobile home parks in Thornton, Broomfield and Federal Heights last week, at the time the management company said payment plans were an option and no one would be evicted before the holidays.

However, just a few days after tenants in the Front Range community paid their monthly rent but none of the additional back pay charges, as instructed by the company's lawyer, they came home to find eviction letters demanding payment in three or five days.

"It's like stomach crunching because the minute that there's a note taped to your door you're just like what now," said tenant Kama Gadbois.

Gadbois was overcharged for both her water and rent, and as a result owes more than $285 in back pay, a hit she said she simply can't afford.

"When you have three children those are not choices that you want to have to make," she said.

Kingsley management runs all three mobile home communities.

At first, in letters sent to tenants, the company demanded the additional payments by the end of the month.

Following a community meeting, Kingsley management backed-off and said payment plans were an option and tenants only had to pay the amount due and none of the back pay right away.

"It is so draining, my kids deserve better," said resident Anastasia Weatherford.

Denver7 reached out the Kingsley management regarding the new issues.

A lawyer for the company provided this statement:

Each of the Kimberly Hills Manufactured Home Community, the Front Range Manufactured Home Community, and the Friendly Village of the Rockies Manufactured Home Community, has made payment plans available to tenants for undercharged water.  Notices of the availability of these plans were provided to tenants on December 3 and 4, 2015.

Payment plans will spread charges over four months commencing January 15, 2016 (after the holidays).  This is the same number of months for which water was undercharged.

To afford tenants the opportunity to enter into a payment plan, no evictions are currently pending based on undercharged water.  Of course, tenants must pay current rents and charges as they become due, continue to abide by the Community’s Rules, and pay the undercharged water costs under the plan they agree to.  However, tenants are not obligated to enter into a payment plan.  If they do not do so then the undercharges will be due on January 1, 2016.

 The Community owners are grateful for the continued cooperation of all concerned

The tenants Denver7 spoke to showed reporter Jennifer Kovaleski proof of payment for the current rent and charges that were due this month.

However, the tenants still received the letters demanding payment so there appears to be a miscommunication between the company and the landlords who are telling tenants a different story.

Community leaders from the mobile home parks and representatives from the Kingsley Management are scheduled to meet to discuss the ongoing issues on Thursday. Adams County Commissioners will also be in attendance to help with mediation.