How you can get onto Rueter-Hess Reservoir before it officially opens to the public

Posted at 5:42 AM, Jun 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-16 09:32:33-04

PARKER, Colo. -- Rueter-Hess Reservoir, on the outskirts of Parker, continues to naturally fill up. The main gates are still closed to the public.

Susan Saint Vincent with Parker Water & Sanitation says it will be closer to 2020 before the gates open to the public in general.

"We get calls everyday, emails, phone calls just checking to see how we're progressing," said Saint Vincent.

You have opportunities to get in the water now. Programmed events are already taking place. Paddle boarding classes are being offered and there's a big open swim event set for July 29th.

You can find more information here.

Rueter-Hess Reservoir is already supplying drinking water to customers in Parker. That will soon be the case for customers in Castle Rock, Castle Pines and Lone Tree as well.

The body of water isn't even close to full capacity yet. The deepest part of the reservoir so far is just over 100 feet.

A recreational master plan has already been developed. To read more on that, click here.

Saint Vincent says there is no reason to open the reservoir prematurely. Money still has to be raised to build trails, shelters and hire employees.

There are still plans to allow canoes and kayaks on the water but motorized boats will never be allowed.