How to make $100,000 by helping police in the Denver metro

How to make $100,000 by helping police in the Denver metro
Posted at 3:02 PM, Apr 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-27 17:02:26-04

DENVER — Money doesn't grow on trees, but hard work is rewarded. That's why police in Colorado are constantly offering up cash rewards for those willing to hand over information that may help solve a crime. 

Just in the Denver metro, there is over $104,000 to be made just off giving tips on cases from the past few years.

Up to $50,000 reward offered to help find Marine's murderer

Police, partnered with Crimestoppers, are offering up $50,000 for any information that helps solve the murder of Travis Mason, 24, who died while working at a dispensary in 2016

Two gunmen, photographed below, are thought to be the men who shot and killed the father of three. 

Any tips should be called into (720) 913-STOP. 

Up to $27,000 reward after fight left one person dead in Aurora:

Police say they're searching for the murderer of an unidentified victim who attempted to intervene in an assault on Feb. 18 on S. Crystal Cir. 

Police have released very little other information, including the victim's identity. There are several rewards out for information though, including $2,000 from Crimestoppers, $5,000 from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, a $5,000 reward from the Aurora Police Department and a $15,000 memorial fun reward offered by friends and family of the victim. 

All told, that's up to $27,000 for a successful tip called into police at (720) 913-STOP.

Up to $12,000 offered for the murderer who killed Richard "Gene" Hammond:

Police are searching for the person who murdered Hammond, whose picture can be found below, in Fountain, Colorado on Valentine's Day morning of Feb. 14, 2017. 

Officers say he was killed while on his way to work, and he was found nearby in his car dead from a gunshot wound. 

Anybody with information is encouraged to call (720) 913-STOP. 

Up to $10,000 offered for helping solve the disappearance of a Californian in Colorado:

Police are looking for John Cizek, the missing owner of an RV, which was seized from a wanted person who was taken into custody by Jefferson County police.

Authorities believe he was last seen near the town of Alamosa. 

Anybody with information on Cizek's whereabouts are asked to call (720) 913-STOP.

Up to $3,500 offered to solve the murder of a store clerk: 

Masked men who robbed an O’Reilly Auto Parts Store in April of 2012 shot the clerk, who was eventually identified as 22-year-old Pablo Del Rio Jr., whose picture is embedded below.

Anybody with information on the murder is asked to call (72) 913-STOP.

Up to $3,000 offered to help solve a hit and run that claimed the life of two young boys: 

Two young boys were killed crossing the street near 13th and Yosemite in 2013 with their mother. Za May Khan was just eight-years-old and his brother Ah Zet Khan was just six.

Police are still searching for the driver, and they've released photos of the vehicle they believe is involved. 

Anybody with a tip is asked to call (720) 913-STOP. 

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