Colorado Day: How the bleep do you say that? A Colorado guide

Colorado Day: How the bleep do you say that? A Colorado guide
Posted at 11:53 AM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-27 16:14:48-04

Tabeguache Peak... Saguache County... Ouray. Tongue tied? We don't blame you. 

Colorado has some unique ways of pronouncing its cities, counties, even mountain peaks.

As we approach Colorado Day on Monday -- the day Colorado was admitted to the union -- we took a look at how to "talk" like a Coloradan.

Speaking of which, it's Coloradan, not Coloradoan. The only Coloradoan in Colorado is The Fort Collins Coloradoan.

While you're up in Fort Collins, you'll want to know, Poudre Canyon is pronounced like POO-der.

Have you been to Louis-ville? In Kentucky, it's Lou-a-vul. But in Colorado, it's Lou-is-ville.

On the Western Slope, Ouray is said You-ray, not Ooo-ray.

And Buena Vista sure causes lots of debate. Many Coloradans call it "Beau-knee," so it's Bew-na Vista.

Here are some more:

  1. Abarr in Yuma Co. (AY-bar)
  2. Aguilar in Las Animas (AG-wih-lar)
  3. Apishipa River (Ap-ih-SHEE-puh)
  4. Bonfils (BAHN-feez)
  5. Cebolla in Gunnison Co. (Suh-BOY-yuh)
  6. Dacono in Weld Co. (Duh-KOH-nuh)
  7. Idalia in Yuma Co. (Eye-DALE-yuh)
  8. Iliff in Logan Co. (EYE-liff) 
  9. Jaroso in Costilla Co. (Hu-ROH-soh)
  10. Kutch in Elbert Co. (Kootch)
  11. Lycan in Baca Co. (LIGH-kun)
  12. Malachite in Huefano Co. (Mah-luh-CHEE-tay)
  13. Minnequa in Pueblo (Min-uh-KWAH)
  14. Paonia in Delta Co. (Pay-OHN-yuh)
  15. Piceance Creek, Valley (PEE-ahnce) 
  16. Saguache Co. (SUH-WATCH)
  17. Shoshone in Garfield Co. (Shh-SHOW-nee)
  18. Vallecito in La Plata Co. (Vigh--uh-SEE-toh) 
  19. Vilas in Baca Co. (VIGH-lus)
  20. La Junta (La HUN-ta)
  21. Lochbuie (Lock-BOO-ee)
  22. Salida (Sa-EYE-da)
  23. Berthoud (Bir-thud)
  24. Tabeguache Peak (TAB-uh-watch)
  25. Uncompahgre Peak (un-kum-pog-ray)
  26. Lobatos (Luh-BAH-tohs)
  27. Huerfano Co. (WEAR-fuh-no)
  28. Wynkoop (the brewery) (Win-koop, according to their voice mail)
  29. Westminster (West-min-ster)
  30. Patrick Roy (the hockey player) (Patrick Waa)

Some of these 30 words you may not have known how to pronounce are commonly known in the Denver7 newsroom thanks to former Denver7 Bob Palmer and his how-to guide on speaking in Colorado. 

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