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Hope House helping teen moms bring Christmas cheer to their families amid COVID

Loading presents into car at Hope House Colorado
Posted at 5:42 PM, Dec 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-13 15:18:47-05

ARVADA, Colo. — Being a parent is difficult enough without a pandemic shutting down human interaction. But for teen parents, the struggles of feeding kids and maintaining their livelihoods can be even more challenging.

"It's not safe for you. It's not safe for the baby, so just a whole new challenge of being a teen mom," said Mikaya, a mother who received donations. "And then on top of that, like having everything locked down and you can't go out."

This year, volunteers at Hope House Colorado, a nonprofit that helps teen moms gain stability in their lives, are delivering Christmas curbside. The organization has spent months gathering presents for teenagers to give their children, delivering them over the weekend safely into their cars.

"We have all kinds of toys, barbies, dolls, Legos, play kitchens," said Lauren Stevig, the activities coordinator at Hope House Colorado. "Everyone's just really proud of the moms that we serve, and what they've done this year, despite COVID and the hardships with that."

The teen mothers who have been working with Hope House Colorado all year receive the gifts for their children. By attending classes, volunteering at events and helping others, they are also working for the gifts.

"The gifts are based on what that they've worked so hard for all year long," explained Stevig. "It's been such a long year that to have the joy of gifts and just celebrating what they've accomplished."