Fossil Ridge HS homeless teen graduates, thrives

Posted at 8:46 PM, May 23, 2016

A Fossil Ridge High School student who has been homeless for about a year graduated Sunday and has big plans for the future.

John Fonville became homeless his father kicked him out of the house. According to Fonville, his father battled drug addiction and was delirious when he threatened John's life if he returned.

"I've had to make very difficult decisions," said Fonville. "Ever since I left that day, it was kind of like being born again. It was kind of like having to start over."

Fonville was taken in by a good friend and has lived with the family since. Fonville is considered a homeless youth and an unaccompanied minor, one of several classifications that make up the estimated 1,100 homeless students that are a part of the Poudre School District's 50 schools.

"I couldn't have done it without help of the people in the Poudre School District, and my family members," said Fonville as he held up a picture of his friend. "And by family members I mean this family."

Sunday, Fonville walked onto the stage and received his diploma from Fossil Ridge High School. Even though he doesn't have support from his father, he still plans to pursue a life of culinary arts and hopes to be an accomplished mixed martial arts fighter.

"Whenever I'm not working, or whenever I'm not taking classes [at Front Range Community College]. All of that work is going to be at training," Fonville said.

Fonville recently won a statewide jiu jitsu tournament. He has been training in MMA since 6th grade.