Homeland Security, FBI now investigating mystery drones in northeastern Colorado

Posted at 6:15 PM, Jan 03, 2020

LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- There's a mystery in the skies in northeastern Colorado. A pack of drones flying in formation have been lighting up the night sky for weeks and now have the attention of Homeland Security.

"FBI, DOD, FAA, the list goes on," said Kevin McElyea, the Director of Colorado's Information Analysis Center (CIAC), a division of Homeland Security now on the case. "We're all concerned."

New video from Viaero Wireless weather cameras across Colorado, including in New Raymer on New Year's Eve, show what appears to be the drones flying in packs.

"Flashing lights moving across the sky," said McElyea. "What I think attracts a lot of attention is not only the quantity, but the ability for them to be flying together in packs."

McElyea said they have forensic analysts going through videos and reviewing witness accounts, but who's flying the drones is still anyone's guess.

"Hobbyists, racing drone groups, you name it," he said. "It is very sporadic right now."

The following seven Colorado counties have all launched investigations: Morgan County, Yuma County, Logan County, Washington County, Phillips County and Weld County.

In order to fly a drone at night, pilots are required to file a waiver with the FAA and can face fines for flying without one. Right now, the state said there is not credible threat.

"There's been no criminal activity that's been identified," said McElyea.

A Drones Over Northeastern Colorado Facebook page is also now tracking sightings where conspiracies are rampant, from people speculating it's an inside job to Amazon flying them for its much-anticipated delivery service.

"We've reached out to a variety of government agencies. No one has taken responsibility for it," said McElyea.

Amazon told Denver7 the drones aren't theirs, leaving the drones in the sky still a mystery.

Homeland Security said the drones are not flying in restricted air space.

Several Colorado law enforcement agencies will meet with the FAA about the drones on Monday.