Team paints opposing coach's initials on field

Posted at 9:58 PM, Mar 29, 2016

Park County Sheriff’s Corporal Nate Carrigan lost his life in the line of duty.

He was in a shootout while serving an eviction notice to the suspect last month. 

His duties and contributions went far beyond the badge, and communities all across Colorado continue to pay tribute.

"Let's go everybody,” said Ken Rosales, head baseball coach at Lyons High. “Let's go."

Before the Lyons v. Platte Canyon baseball game Tuesday night, the teams conducted normal warm-ups and drills on the diamond.

Then, there was a moment of exceptionalism.

"We realize what a tough time you guys are going through,” said Rosales. “No one stands alone in tragedy. We're here for you."

The home team, Lyons, presenting a banner that reads 'We Stand Together' and “Husky Strong” to the visiting Platte Canyon High Huskies in honor of fallen deputy and Platte Canyon coach Nate Carrigan.           

Lyons even painted Carrigan's initials on its field.

"You know, to do the letters on the field, to get their team to think about our team just touches the heart,” said Chris Morris, head baseball coach for Platte Canyon. "We had done so much planning for the season and it kind of all gets ripped out from underneath you. In the blink of an eye."

Lyons is certainly no stranger to tragedy. The small town was decimated during the historic floods back in 2013.

Park County deputy was a high school coach

Nate Carrigan was a humble man

"As a first responder myself, it definitely touches us deeply," said Platte Canyon parent Tanya Wismar.

On this rainy afternoon - Platte Canyon got the win, but Lyons showed the character of a champion.

And after getting beat, Lyons turned around and hosted a dinner for Platte Canyon players and their families.

"They've all done a fantastic job showing their compassion and empathy toward our loss," said Wismar.