Home from the Middle East and out of quarantine, dad sees twins for first time

Posted at 4:59 PM, May 28, 2020

DENVER -- It was a long journey for Ken Meich to finally see his newborn twin girls.

Ken was deployed in the Middle East when his wife, Erin, gave birth to Ellen and Lorraine in early May. He got home to Wyoming as fast he could, but still had to stay in quarantine for two weeks before he could travel to Denver to see the girls for the first time Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.

Ken says the girls, now three-and-a-half weeks old and still in the NICU, are "nine pounds of adorableness."

Erin is glad to have her husband home, but has a warning for him before he deploys again.

"The next time you [Ken] deploy, I'll remind you the last time we had twins and there was a global pandemic."