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'His legacy is gonna live on': 15-year-old hit by car on Halloween gives life through organ donation

Wyatt Lobato
Posted at 9:13 PM, Nov 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-02 07:43:14-04

DENVER — A split second decision led to tragedy.

Wyatt Lobato was hit and killed by a car while running across an Aurora street with his friends on Halloween — a spontaneous decision amid a happy evening with fatal consequences.

"It was just a split second," said Natalie Mondragon, Lobato's mother. "Sometimes, you don't see it. It just can happen to anybody."

Killed at the age of 15, his family is left with memories, mementos and messages from loved ones about Lobato and his spark, always giving light to others.

"He treated everybody just as they came, and he never turned his back on people," Mondragon said. "He was there for people."

But Wyatt may be able to keep being there for people, even after he has passed away. Just before he unexpectedly died, he signed up to be an organ donor.

"They're gonna have a part of him," Mondragon said. "Maybe that part will just like multiply in them, and they can just keep going."

The family said that Lobato may be able to aid as many as 80 people with his tissues, giving life and quality of life to people he never even met.

"The little parts of his body are, again, donated to people that need them," said Vaughan Lobato, Wyatt Lobato's brother. "He always paid attention to the little things, and I think it just mixes right together."

His family has put together a GoFundMe to pay for the funeral and a memorial bench for Wyatt Lobato.