Here are the top places to see dinosaurs in Colorado

Posted at 4:30 AM, Aug 30, 2017
and last updated 2018-05-15 06:30:06-04

DENVER – Colorado is one of the best places in the U.S. to find dinosaur fossils.

Here are the top places to see fossils and tracks in Colorado:

Picket Wire Canyonlands
Located on the Comanche National Grassland south of La Junta, these primitive canyons are home to the largest dinosaur tracksite in North America! You can hike or bike there, but you can only drive on certain weekends.

Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison
Dinosaur tracks and other fossils can be viewed along a hillside off Alameda Parkway. It’s open to walkers and bikers. There are bus tours about once a month. The visitor center is located just east of Alameda and C-470.
Triceratops Trail in Golden
Several dinosaur tracks can be seen along the 1 1/2-mile gravel hiking trail. You can access the trail one block east of 6th Avenue and 19th
Rabbit Valley Mesa County
The high desert area northwest of Grand Junction is home to the Mygatt-Moore Quarry where more than 4,000 dinosaur bones have been found since the 1980s.

Dinosaur Hill Fruita
The 1 ½ mile trail is in the heart of Colorado’s dinosaur country. The trial is located south of Fruita.
Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Colorado dinosaur fossils come to life in one of the country’s best exhibits.

Morrison Natural History Museum
This natural history museum serves the curious and features exhibits showcasing local paleontology finds.

Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park
The museum features an awe-inspiring display of dinosaurs, prehistoric marine reptiles, pterosaurs and fish of North America’s late Cretaceous period.
Dinosaur Journey Museum in Fruita
Dinosaur Journey Museum tells the story of the history of life in western Colorado and surrounding areas with real fossils, cast skeletons and robotic reconstructions of dinosaurs.