Help Aurora pick amenities for the new Southeast Aurora Recreation Center

Posted at 4:25 AM, Jul 18, 2019

The City of Aurora is planning to build another new recreation center and the public is invited to help determine what amenities should go inside.

"We'd like to do get community input," explained Erin O'Neill with the City of Aurora. "[There's] pride and ownership when the community gets to give ideas and input, then in turn, see what they imagined come to life."

Aurora opened its new Central Recreation Center in May. That was the city's first new recreation center in nearly 40 years. It was paid for with mariuana tax revenue. The new Southeast Recreation center will also be funded with marijuana tax revenue.

During the first public meeting, the top three things that residents asked for were recreation-based (think gym courts for basketball and volleyball), aquatics and individual fitness (think weights and cardio spaces), according to O'Neill.

But it's not too late to weigh in.

There's a community meeting Thursday, July 18 at Infinity Middle School at 6pm.

At that meeting, residents will be given a menu of options to choose from for the new rec center and the cost of each item, so they can determine the best way to spend the money available. Or take the survey online here.