Henthorn convicted of pushing wife off cliff

Posted at 8:36 PM, Sep 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-21 22:36:21-04

Jurors have decided that Harold Henthorn is guilty of killing his wife in Rocky Mountain National Park three years ago.

Henthorn's wife, Toni, fell to her death from a cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park three years ago this month.

The case was given to the jury Friday afternoon, meaning they deliberated for only about one day in total. Friday morning, a federal prosecutor spent nearly an hour summarizing the evidence against Henthorn and arguing that he shoved Toni off the cliff to cash in on $4.7 million worth of insurance policies.

Henthorn, 58, was allegedly paying for some of those life insurance policies without his wife's knowledge.

Following the reading of the verdict Monday afternoon, applause was heard in the courtroom as Henthorn was removed. 7NEWS Reporter Marc Stewart saw Toni Henthorn's relatives crying as they hugged.

The convicted killer's defense team refused to comment on the verdict. 



Prosecutors also asserted that Henthorn scouted the park nine times before the day he allegedly shoved his wife off the cliff. He had marked a map with an "X" on the location where she fell, prosecutors said.

When questioned about the "X," an affidavit stated Henthorn "appeared at a loss for words" and "could not explain why there was an 'X' on the map."

"Unfortunately for Mr. Henthorn, he met a team that was more detailed, more thorough and better prepared than he was, despite them getting a late start to the dance," said FBI Special Agent In Charge Thomas Ravenelle. 

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After the verdict, Ravenelle also called it a "just" decision.