Groupon To Go delivery service expanded to Denver

Groupon To Go already began in Chicago
Posted at 3:04 PM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-16 17:04:22-04

DENVER -- Does Denver have room for yet another food-delivery service? Why yes, says Groupon, which picked Denver as the first city to expand its Groupon To Go delivery service. The Chicago company began a pilot program in its hometown last year.

“This is definitely a bigger commitment and bigger investment in Denver for us,” said  Dan Roarty, Groupon’s senior vice president of food and drink. “We picked Denver because it’s a vibrant, growing city, attractive to millennials. And it’s a place where we’ve established a large base of Groupon users.”

The company is working with “more than 100 local restaurants,” including Hapa Sushi and Cuba Cuba, and consumers can order food on the Groupon mobile app.

Groupon isn’t starting delivery from scratch. Last year, it acquired Maryland-based OrderUp for about $69 million. OrderUp is available in 40 markets. But it’s taken this long to merge the technology, apps and operations to get the Denver program ready. The next Groupon to Go city won’t be ready until fourth quarter, Roarty said.

OrderUp had previously launched in Denver in May 2015 after an existing service MileHighMenus became an OrderUp franchise.

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