Group of hikers avoid near attack on trail in Jefferson County

Posted at 7:05 PM, Aug 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-30 21:14:54-04
GOLDEN, Colo,.- A group of hikers in Jefferson County got quite the scare Monday night during their hike at Matthews/Winters Park in Golden.
Connie Scholtz told Denver7, she was hiking the trail for the first time when she believes she was nearly attacked by a man who jumped out of the bushes.
Scholtz said it happened shortly after dark, near the end of their hike when she was leading a group of hikers.
She said a man jumped out onto the trail in an aggressive stance in front of her. 
Scholtz said she immediately stuck out her trekking poles to defend herself, but only when the man saw the other men in the group did he put up his hands and apologize for startling them, before running off.
Scholtz believes if she were alone, she might have been in danger, but said this isn't going to keep her from hiking.
“I'm not going to let this one person mess up my lovely hikes. I'll just be more alert maybe, but this is the nice thing, that I can hike here and I always feel safe," said Scholtz.
Law enforcement recommends if you are hiking at night, have bright lights with you, and said it’s a good idea to carry pepper spray for self-defense.  They also recommend to try and hike in groups.
Scholtz’ group was doing everything right, which may have kept them out of danger.
The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate this case.