Group gathers in Washington Park to protest Denver's controversial Canada geese roundup

Posted at 8:01 PM, Jul 06, 2019

DENVER — It has been several weeks since the City of Denver began rounding up geese in parks and euthanizing them, citing an abundance of feces in parks and overpopulation.

But many people are not happy, and members of the activist group Canada geese Protection Denver held a protest Saturday in response.

They want a public forum as to why this is going on and how it is being handled.

"Since we have taxpayer dollars going into the roundup of the geese, not just here at Wash Park but all around the city, we want to have information, have a sense of transparency and accountability," group organizer Carole Woodall said.

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About 100 people showed up at Saturday's protest, many carrying signs to show their anger against the city.

After the protest, one man stood up to tell the people why he supports the city's decision to try to dwindle the geese population.

"We love the geese as much as you," Washington Park resident Walt Heidenfelder told the crowd. "I say yes we can find some solution to this problem but letting the geese multiply by thousands is not the answer."

He was met with resistance as some yelled at him, but others tried to discuss the issue with him.

The citizens' group also plans to go before the Denver City Council this week to voice their concerns.