Greeley man sentenced to life in prison for murdering woman with plunger handle

jesus romero mug.jpg
Posted at 12:30 AM, Aug 21, 2021

GREELEY, Colo. — A Greeley man convicted of killing a woman with a plunger handle in 2018 was was sentenced to life in prison.

A jury found Jesus Romero, 67, guilty of one count of first-degree felony homicide, one count of criminally negligent homicide and one count of sexual assault after killing Eda Woodrum, 54.

The murder happened on April 25, 2018 inside Romero's Greeley apartment. Romero called 911 from the Birchwood Apartments, a senior living facility, telling dispatchers Woodrum, who was his neighbor, was unresponsive in a pool of blood.

Officers arrived and found Woodrum naked on the ground, with evidence there had been a struggle.

Romero told police Woodrum was at his place because she agreed to have sex with him.

“Her big heart and trust for people is what killed her,” Jessica Bridgman, the victim’s daughter, told the court Thursday during the sentencing hearing. “She believed everyone was good, gave everyone a chance, was kind to everyone no matter their race, sex, or what they looked like. All she saw was a person. And, this trust and letting her guard down around this monster, cost her her life.”