Great horned owls take over balcony in Littleton

Great horned owls take over balcony in Littleton
Posted at 6:18 PM, May 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-05 20:18:20-04

On a nice spring afternoon, spending some time on your patio or balcony sounds fabulous - unless you've got a family of great horned owls nesting there.

"We've had a family of great horned owl/owlets on our balcony in Littleton since we moved in February!" Cali Wolf told Denver7.

And, judging by the photos, the owls definitely rule the roost.

This owl is in its defensive position - even though Cali says she took the photo from inside.

"Great Horned Owls respond to intruders and other threats with bill-clapping, hisses, screams, and guttural noises, eventually spreading their wings," according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

"The highest threat level involves the spreading of wings," Wikipedia states.

"They have even been known to attack humans who wander too close to their young," according to National Geographic.

This could definitely put a damper on Cali's plans to heat up the BBQ grill.

Another not-so-pleasant fact about sharing your balcony with these guys: great horned owls swallow small prey whole and then regurgitate the feathers, fur, and bones in large, brown lumps called "pellets."   

Like it or not, the owls may be there to stay.

"In great horned owls, mated pairs occupy territories year-round and long-term," Wikipedia states.

Also, experts say they can live to be up to 30 years old.

On the plus side, Cali can likely become an Internet sensation by creating an Instagram account and/or live stream for her new roommates.