George Washington High Debate team participates in Denver Decides forums

Posted at 11:35 AM, Oct 13, 2020

DENVER — This year, the George Washington High School Debate Team is helping Denver voters decide on several measures that will appear on the upcoming ballot.

The team, which is ranked first in the state and fourth in the nation, will participate in Denver Decides, a city- and community-sponsored series of debates and forums moderated by Denver7's Micah Smith and Russell Haythorn.

Senior debate team member Zia Myers said team members don’t always agree with the side they’re tasked with presenting but that’s what helps make them more objective.

“I am taking on the affirmative side on placing a tax on tobacco on e-cigarettes,” Myers said.

Senior Lily Clark, a member of the team, said having to write cases for both sides has been valuable for her.

“Because I’m so passionate about politics, I have opinions that I hold pretty strongly, so having to force myself to look at different perspectives I think has been really valuable,” she said.

Senior Elias Valor-Caplan said the debate team is a way for teens to take part in the political process well before they cast their first ballot.

“We‘re getting to look at local things that are getting to be voted on in Colorado,” said Valor-Caplan.

You can watch the George Washington High School Debate Team participate in Denver Decides here.