GALS school creating well-rounded and fit students

Posted at 5:55 AM, May 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-18 10:24:41-04

DENVER — Colorado's only all-girl public school is creating opportunities for students to learn both inside and outside the classroom. Girls Athletic Leadership Schools, known as GALS, is Denver Public Schools tuition-free charter school. GALS serves grades 6-12, averaging 100 students per grade level.

Students begin each day with exercise and break up class time with more movement throughout the school day. The school's model is movement based with a social, emotional and positive gender wellness focus. In athletics, students push each other in competitions to achieve their goals in a team setting. In the classroom, students are going through core classes while also learning about how to be a leader, experience conflict resolution and treat each other with respect.

Recently, school leaders took a trip to Pakistan to visit the Karachi United-Women's Squad. They connected with girls in similar programs overseas.

"I think about that team of people that are really working to improve the lives of girls there. That's one of the things they're focusing on is creating a community, a full community to support the growth of girls and that's exactly what we do here," said GALS Denver Executive Director Carol Bowar.

GALS shared an announcement with Denver7 about a boys school opening in the fall. The school will be called BOYS School of Denver. The plan is to open with 6th grade and build on grades in the years to follow. The school will have a similar model as GALS and will be located at Riverside Baptist Church at I-25 and 23rd Ave.