Frustration mounts after days of outages at Colorado state offices, including DMV

Posted at 4:13 PM, Jul 31, 2017

PEORIA, Colo. -- The frustration at the DMV office on Peoria is palpable after days of outages at state offices.

"I was here Friday. I stayed for like an hour and a half, maybe two hours," said Brittany Butts. "I had to take off from work again."

She's been waiting since Friday to business done after yet another computer conundrum.

"They said their computer went down, and they couldn't you through. They couldn't take the pictures for your driver's license," Butts said.

Tonight, state officials tell Denver7, the most recent issue is with the cameras that take your driver’s license picture. The devices aren't always connecting with the main system, causing a slowdown.

"We think it could be volume,” said Chief Technology Officer David McCurdy.

In a Denver7 exclusive, McCurdy says problems got worse in May when the system's workload increased.

"Are these issues a surprise?  Is this something that was anticipated?” asked Denver7 reporter Marc Stewart. “I would say the acceleration of what happened in May was a surprise,” McCurdy replied.

He tells Denver7 the state has spent less than $100,000 so far to try and repair the system, and says he expects the state to have a permanent fix in place “in the next couple of weeks.”

He says he believes the fixes should work. 

“It's the next logical step,” McCurdy said. “And we're actually seeing the problem in our logs, so we know what the fix is.”

The state's contract for the services is with MIDS/Gemalto. It runs from October 2014 through the end of October 2021 and costs the state $28.6 million.