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Frozen supply chain could leave roads icy as de-icer gets held up

Snow Plow
Posted at 8:28 PM, Mar 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-10 09:34:44-05

DENVER — With snow season still in full swing, a frozen supply chain could leave roads icy. Certain brands of de-icer are now caught up in the nationwide supply chain struggle.

"We have several different suppliers that we purchase from because we buy in a lot of volume, and we've subsequently tried to keep up with what we need to do," said Kimberly Jewell, general manager at Snow Management Services. "There's no transportation means to get here fast enough to keep up with the demand."

Jewell says that worker shortages at many delivery and logistics companies have held up the chemicals.

Another issue is the weather. Because Denver saw so little snow in the early season, a lot of the snow melt was shipped elsewhere in anticipation of a lighter season. Now, the state is seeing heavy snowfall and much of the supply is elsewhere.

"You bring in what you think that you're going to need. And unfortunately with the way the events have played out, this isn't normal. So we're just going through it faster than what would be the normal case," said Jewell. "What they're doing is trying to take care of the needs of the many, and basically we're being rationed is how it's playing out."

Jewell says Snow Management Services has enough de-icer to take care of the current storm. But if more storms come through, they might have issues.

"All of us know ice fighters out here doing everything that we can to keep people and property safe. But the reality of it is that what we're up against right now is is difficult," said Jewell. " I don't see anything improving over the next little bit."