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Friends and fate: The rescue on the Cherry Creek

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jan 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-21 12:43:34-05

DENVER – Fate has a way of walking into our lives. For Austin Ford, fate crashed into his life on Cherry Creek at the intersection of Speer and Corona.

“Two nights ago, I was driving down Speer at about 2:30 in the morning,” Ford said. “One moment I remembered I’m driving down the road, and the next I remember I was upside down in this river.”

Ford said he was hit by a driver and ended up crashing into the creek.

“The driver struck me in the tail end of my truck which forced me to hit a sedan,” Ford said.

“I fell off the side and ended up plunging 15 feet off the flood wall.”

As fate would have it, two people saw Ford crash into the river.

“They managed to pull me out,” Ford said. “The first thing I remembered was I recognized the guy pulling me. In a city of thousands and thousands of people, at a weird hour of night, the two people that ended up saving me were friends I knew for years.”

Weston Hartshorn, and Josh Martin were those rescuers.

“The miracle of the story is I’ve known these guys for 15 years,” Ford said.

On Sunday, Ford went to the scene of the crash only to take pictures for insurance purposes.

However, fate had other plans.

Hartshorn and Josh Martin came to the scene to do an interview with Denver7 – however Ford ended up arriving at the same time.

“Fate’s really crazy,” Harshorn said. “It keeps rearing its face at us.”

The three friends of 15 years embraced each other, Ford thanking them for what they did.

“We had no idea who the occupant of the truck was,” Martin said. “We had no idea or nothing – we just pretty much responded.”

“We would have done that for anyone,” Harshorn said. “It’s just crazy it happened to be Austin.”

Ford’s mother was also in town, after she found out her son was involved in the crash. His mother couldn’t have thanked her son’s friends enough.

“They’re angels,” his mother said. “They are heroes, they saved my only boy. My only son.”