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Former U.S. Ambassador recalls time under George H.W. Bush working to liberate Kuwait

Posted at 6:33 PM, Dec 03, 2018

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — In the coming days, people from all over the world will be in Washington to remember our 41st president, including a former ambassador to Bahrain from Colorado, who worked for President Bush. 

Denver7 spoke to him about Bush's life, legacy and his impact on American politics.

For former U.S. ambassador to Bahrain, Sam Zakhem, the passing of his old boss President George H.W. Bush brings memories covering the walls of his office, rushing back.

"I have a picture with him. He’s listening with a smile and who am I sitting with the President of the United States. What a precious human being he was," recalled Zakhem.

Zakhem worked as an ambassador for 41 during major milestones, helping gather support for Bush's policies like stopping the threat of Saddam Hussein.

"He drew a line in the sand and said this aggression will not stand. Knowing what I knew about the region, he asked me to help,” said Zakhem.

It led to the liberation of Kuwait, which Zakhem believes was H.W.’s greatest achievement. Ten years later, it reunited them on a trip back commemorating its anniversary. Zakhem brought his son and wife along.

"She was so proud that George H. W. Bush kissed her and hugged her," said Zakhem.

He said the late president taught us an important lesson that proves most useful now.

"He did not feel like his way was the only way. He worked with both sides of the aisle in Congress," he said.

Zakhem hopes Bush's death will reunite the country.

"He was such a good man, and it was a great source of pride to have known him, to have been in his company. A great man."