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Flash floods are part of life for those living near Cameron Peak Fire burn scar

“A flood in Glen Haven has become part of our identity"
Flash floods unfortunately way of life for those living near Cameron Peak Fire burn scar
Posted at 9:33 PM, Jul 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-25 23:35:11-04

GLEN HAVEN, Colo. — About a week after flash floods in Buckhorn Canyon killed a mother and her daughter, more rain brought more flooding to Larimer County on Sunday, bringing more damage to the communities that were trying to repair what was left after last week.

The Chief of the Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department, Kevin Zagorda, said the floods on Sunday were not as bad as last week. Still, the storm was serious.

“I was sitting in my living room, I could see it coming. You could just see a wall of rain. It hit the house like, like a fire hose hitting the windows hail started to come down," said Chief Zagorda.

The Glen Haven community is situated near the Cameron Peak Fire burn scar, meaning flash floods have become a way of life.

'It's easy to understand how people are lost': Glen Haven residents on flooding a part of their 'identity'

“Rain runs off a burn scar like water off asphalt," said Chief Zagorda. “It really started in 1976 during the Big Thompson Flood. But then in 2013, we had a pretty significant flood here that affected this part of Glen Haven. Much more severe than anything we've had so far with Cameron Peak.”

Still, residents were left picking up debris on their property when the water stopped rushing.

“It can be extremely dangerous. It's easy to understand how people are lost the way we lost the two over in the Buckhorn Canyon last week. So, it's not something to take very lightly. We all take it very seriously," said Polly Bennett, who lives along Streamside Drive.

One structure was damaged during the flooding last week in Buckhorn Canyon and was further damaged by the weather from Sunday, Chief Zagorda said.

However, some progress has been made. Officials opened up part of CR44H/Buckhorn Road to residents only on Monday.