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First Judicial District confirms Critical Incident Response Team is investigating Olde Town Arvada shooting

Arvada Police Department
Posted at 12:53 PM, Jun 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-25 14:56:04-04

On Friday, the First Judicial District Attorney's Office confirmed that its Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) is leading the investigation into a shooting Monday in Olde Town Arvada that left three people dead.

Arvada police officer Gordon Beesley, John Hurley, who's been called a Good Samaritan and hero, and the shooting suspect died.

District Attorney Alexis King said CIRT is leading the investigation into Hurley's death. As of Friday, police haven't confirmed who shot and killed Hurley, though multiple sources have confirmed to Denver7 that police shot him.

CIRT investigates any incident where an on-duty law enforcement officer uses deadly force, or attempts to, in the First Judicial District.

Arvada Police Chief Link Strate said in a news conference Tuesday that Hurley was “a true hero" who likely saved lives when the shooter opened fire Monday. A man who witnessed the shooting, who was working in the nearby Arvada Army Navy Surplus store at the time, said he saw Hurley shoot the suspect after Hurley watched the suspect allegedly shoot Officer Beesley.

"The CIRT investigation into the death of Johnny Hurley is ongoing," District Attorney King said. "It is a massive and complex effort that honors the lives lost through exhaustive and meticulous investigation. To protect the integrity of the CIRT investigation on behalf of Mr. Hurley’s family and loved ones and the public, limited information has been released. District Attorney King appreciates the significant and warranted public interest in these tragic events, but emphasizes that premature release of information can compromise witness interviews and other evidence collection that is critical to a fully vetted investigation outcome."

Once the investigation is complete, District Attorney King will review it to see if charges are needed. This decision, and the following town hall with her and the investigation’s CIRT commander, will both be public.

“We are committed to transparency, and the complete results of the investigation into Johnny Hurley’s death and all pertinent facts will be made known at the completion of the investigation, when all witnesses have been interviewed and evidence collected, and when doing so does not compromise reaching a just result," King said.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is leading this CIRT investigation, with the help of the Wheat Ridge Police Department, Golden Police Department, Lakewood Police Department, Blackhawk Police Department, and District Attorney King’s investigators. Per protocol, members of the Arvada Police Department are not involved in this investigation.