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Fewer options this weekend to cool off due to dangerous conditions in rivers, creeks

Boulder Creek
Posted at 5:35 PM, Jun 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-12 19:55:35-04

DENVER -- On a hot Saturday in June, it's fair to say there is no better place to be than in the cool water of a Colorado creek or river.

"Feels amazing. It's a good reset, washes everything away. It's perfect," a swimmer at Boulder Creek said.

The creek is offering relief from the heat for some this weekend as dangerous conditions have resulted in fewer options.

"Right now, we're obviously in the peak of our runoff season from the snowmelt," Golden Fire Rescue Lt. Marc Staley said.

Rapidly melting mountain snow is causing the water in some of our creeks and rivers to move quickly -- and at high levels.

"People have been separated from their parties and been overwhelmed by the water and maybe not prepared for the kind of power that we have out here in Clear Creek," Staley said.

This is what forced Golden Police on Tuesday to close Clear Creek for activities like tubing. Only experienced kayakers, for example, can get on the water.

"The next month, the two months, is kind of our season of when we expect to see the water causing problems," Staley said. Last Saturday, Golden Fire Rescue performed at least two swift-water rescues.

Officials in Fort Collins recently closed the parking lot to Legacy Park to prevent people from kayaking or tubing on the Poudre River. Spring runoff and debris from the Cameron Peak Fire have made the river dangerous, resulting in nearly two dozen rescues this season.

Boulder Police says it will continue monitoring the conditions on Boulder Creek to determine whether it will need to be closed in the near future. But some visitors Saturday were still being cautious.

"It's rushing fast … as long as you're careful," a swimmer said. "You got to be careful."