Few answers for tenants of Denver apartment complex infested by bed bugs

Posted at 8:26 PM, Mar 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-20 22:26:29-04

DENVER – What can be done when you’re dealing with a terrible bed bug infestation, as is one Denver apartment complex?

Columbine Towers, which is overseen by Hudson Grove Property Management, has seen more than 60 percent of its apartments infested with the bugs over the past two years, some tenants say.

So what does it take for the city or state to get involved with such an infestation?

Denver Environmental Health Director Danica Lee says there have been several coplaints that have been filed against the apartment complex.

She says her office received four bed bug complaints about the bed bugs in the past year and ordered Hudson Grove to take care of the issue.

Alberto Bustos, who had worked as a maintenance man at the complex until he recently quick, says he spent much of his time working on the bed bug problems. He says he was told the reason it was taking so long to solve is because the management company has a small budget for pest control.

Lee says that the management company has been making treatment options available for tenants that include a weekly spraying. She says both the management and tenants have a shared responsibility to take care of infestations and that “there are no quick fixes.”

She says that large apartment complexes are sometimes difficult to treat because each tenant must allow their apartments to be sprayed and treated.