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Federal Health Care in need of help as staff members test positive for COVID-19, one dies

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Posted at 5:29 PM, Jan 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-14 21:40:48-05

DENVER — One northwest Denver doctor said he’s fighting to keep his head above water after members of his staff tested positive for COVID-19 and one died.

Now, Dr. Francis Joseph is in charge of the whole operation at Federal Health Care.

"Answering phone calls, triaging patients. We’re doing our best," Joseph said.

Most importantly, he's caring for his thousands of patients the best he can.

"We cater primarily to a very disenfranchised, marginalized and, most importantly, a very vulnerable section of society. These patients rely on me," Joseph said.

The important work he does has become more difficult than ever after his staff was hit hard by COVID-19.

"I have two of my employees that have been tested positive, and these are front-line staff," Joseph said. "About three weeks ago, one of the employees that used to work here passed away."

Now, it’s just him and a nurse practitioner up against the ongoing pandemic.

"I always wondered as a kid, why does a policeman go to duty on the streets? Why did the 9/11 firefighters go into the building? I never figured that out up until today," Joseph said. "The answer is so clear, it’s just passion for people and making the world a better place."

It's his passion that keeps driving him forward, despite COVID-19 testing his resolve.

"Every day is a crisis after crisis, COVID positive, sickness, death, and it wears you out," Joseph said.

With the finish line close, yet hard to see, Joseph pleads to those with a medical background or front desk experience to help him continue treating patients in an area of great need.