Family of Uber driver accused of murder: 'We need him to know that we love him'

Posted at 1:05 PM, Jun 12, 2018

DENVER — The Uber driver accused of shooting and killing his passenger appeared in Denver district court Tuesday morning for a first advisement.

Michael Hancock, 29, was charged with first-degree murder for the death of Hyun Kim, 45, on June 1.

Hancock appeared in court in a grey shirt and pants with orange slippers. He was soft-spoken as he answered Judge Morris Hoffman’s questions about whether he understood his rights to a fair and speedy trial.

Hancock also agreed to be represented by a public defender during the advisement hearing.

Judge Hoffman said it will be up to another judge to determine whether Hancock should qualify for bail as he awaits his trial date.

As Hancock got up to leave, his family called out to him, saying they loved him and telling him to stay strong.

“We weren’t supposed to, but we couldn’t help it. We need him to know that we love him. He knows that, but to hear it, I mean everyone wants to know that they’re loved. So, we are just hanging with our boy and we love him, and we want him to know that,” said his mother, Stephanie Hancock.

Afterward, Hancock’s parents answered a few questions from reporters. Hancock’s father, Mike, was short in his responses, but said it was good to see his son and that the family is trying to stay positive.

Hancock’s family said they know this will likely be a long trial, so they are holding on to their faith in the meantime.

“We trust in God. We are a family of faith and so we a hundred percent trust in the Lord,” said Hancock’s wife, who didn’t want her name used when Denver7 spoke with her June 4. “That’s why Michael is so confident today. He didn’t look afraid because he trusts in God and he knows who has this case at the end of the day.”

Hancock’s wife says she has been getting a lot of support from the community in the form of messages and cards. The couple has two young sons who have gotten to speak with their father briefly over the phone.

Hancock’s wife says she hasn’t told them what’s going on but knows they miss their father.

“I have my times. It’s hard being away from my husband but, at the same time, we’re very hopeful and we trust in God,” she said.

She described her husband as someone who wears his heart on his sleeve and would do anything to help a person out.

Hancock’s next advisement hearing is set for Friday.