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Family gets red light ticket in mail with image of man driving their stolen SUV

Posted at 10:19 PM, Sep 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-30 16:59:36-04

DENVER -- After nearly two weeks in the dark, a glimmer of light came in the mail for Beatriz Palacios and her husband Randel Riley.

"My heart was just speeding and I was like, 'Thank God! We got something,'" Palacios said.

Their SUV was stolen from their Denver apartment complex in the middle of the night.

"By the time I got outside, the car was gone, but you could still hear like the alarm in the distance," Riley said.

The family's SUV is a white 2001 GMC Yukon with black rims on the driver side and chrome rims on the passenger side.

"It was my dream car," Palacios said.

Because of the age and value, Palacios and Riley had minimum coverage. Meaning the family not be reimbursed for the SUV but the items inside which includes clothes and a car seat.

On Monday, the family received a red light ticket in the mail. The time on the ticket, 2:34 a.m., about three hours after the SUV was reported stolen.

The Denver Police Department tells Denver7 the investigation remains open and no arrests have been made.