Double Whammy: House burns, then hit by burglar

Posted at 6:19 AM, Sep 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-22 08:19:28-04

An Aurora woman is asking for help finding her late mother’s wedding ring and her father’s watch.

She says both were stolen last week, from her fire-damaged home in the Hutchinson Heights neighborhood.

Jeannette Thomas told 7NEWS that some grease caught fire on the kitchen stove and started burning into the microwave and cabinet above.

That was September 11.

She says the family was told to stay out of the house after asbestos was discovered in a damaged wall.

A few days later, on Sept. 16, Thomas said she drove by and noticed the back door was open.  She said it gave her a sinking feeling.

In spite of the asbestos concern, she says she walked in and that's when she discovered that several items were missing.

“They stole some TVs and a safe with personal items,” she said. “Birth certificates, titles to my car and jewelry.  But the main thing was, my mom passed away two years ago and I had her wedding band in there and my dad’s watch.”

Thomas said the ring and watch are irreplaceable.

She shared a picture of the silver ring.

“It’s very unique,” she said. “It’s small, about size 6, and it has bells engraved all the way around it.”

Thomas said she didn’t have a picture of her dad’s watch, but said it was a gold colored Seiko, with a flex band and a rectangular shaped, cream-colored face.

“That watch was all I had left that was my fathers,” she said.

Last Friday, she and her two daughters spent the day obtaining copies of their birth certificates and motor vehicle titles.  They also went to the bank.

“I went to get gas this morning and my card wouldn’t work,” she said.

That’s because the thieves apparently stole her check book and cleaned out her account."

"That was our house," said 10-year old Hailey Thomas, before breaking down into tears. "We may not be able to use what's left in the house, including our clothes, because of the asbestos."

Thomas said it's been an ordeal dealing with the aftermath of the fire and theft.  She said she just wants the ring and watch back.

“I don’t even know what to think,” she told 7NEWS. “I want to think the best of people.  I believe in God and I have faith.  They’ll get theirs.”

Anyone who has seen the ring or watch, or who knows anything about the theft, is asked to call Aurora Police.