Exactly how much snow fell in Denver's first snowstorm of the season?

Posted at 12:58 PM, Oct 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-09 15:02:54-04

DENVER — The storm took some by surprise, despite a week of warning from local forecasters. Several inches fell on the metro area, with flakes flying furiously throughout the high country. 

A messy commute clogged several roadways with crashes and general caution, leading to closures on I-70 and in the Boulder Canyon. 

Parts of Colorado saw about a foot fall, with 11 recorded inches in Genesee, 7.1 inches in Broomfield and seven inches in Arvada. About 10 inches fell near Idledale, and about 6.5 inches fell in Estes Park.

Toward the Denver metro area, three inches fell in Denver and 4.7 inches fell in Boulder. In Arapahoe County, Aurora received about 3 inches, but in some parts of the county, six inches were recorded. In Parker, spotters recorded four inches of the white stuff. 

If any more snow falls throughout the day, it's not expected to add more than half an inch to snow totals in each area. 

Keep an eye on Denver7 throughout the day to keep an eye on how cold it will get overnight.