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Elevators out of service for 7 days at senior living apartments in Englewood

Residents say only using stairs creates a hazard
Terraces on Pennsylvania elevators have been out of service for seven days
Posted at 5:27 PM, Nov 09, 2021

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — With every stitch Mickie Larson sews into her latest quilt, she finds a sense of peace. But relaxation has been hard to come by recently for her and the dozens of other seniors who live in her building at the Terraces On Pennsylvania.

"The elevator has been out at least three times in two months and this time it's been out for seven whole days," said Larson. "It doesn’t take patience. For me, it is just the monotonous relaxation."

Which means since last Wednesday, her steps have been few and far between.

"I just haven't been going up and down because it's very difficult for me to go up the stairs. Going down isn’t, but up — it takes a lot of arm strength pulling myself up," said Larson.

Old signs outside the elevator point to previous problems.

"Caution, elevator landing uneven, watch your step," said Larson as she read the sign.

But nothing that can give them the answer they’re all searching for.

"It seems unbelievable," said Larson.

The property manager tells Denver7 the elevator company, Otis Worldwide, has been on site since last week when the work was supposed to be done. Tuesday afternoon, technicians returned but there was still no sign of when the repairs will be complete.

If patience isn’t needed for something as precise as sewing a quilt, Larson knows she’ll definitely need it until an elevator that so many depend on gets fixed.

"It's a lot for somebody 75 years old," said Larson.