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Commerce City elderly woman facing eviction says living in van only option

Posted at 7:51 PM, Jan 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-15 22:02:37-05

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. — An 84-year-old woman could soon be kicked out of her home if the company that owns the lot her mobile home sits on gets their way.

Carol Heidkamp says RHP Properties, the company that owns Shady Lane Mobile Home Park in Commerce City, sent her a notice in November to clean up her yard, which she claims she has done.

But soon after, they sent her an eviction notice and are taking her to court Thursday. If Heidkamp gets evicted, she said she would be forced to live in her van.

“You feel so alone, and you don't know where to go,” Heidkamp said. “They've got an attorney's, and I have none. They've got money, and I have got none. Looking at being homeless and the weather like this time of the year — yeah, it's scary.”

RHP Properties said it had warned Heidkamp on numerous occasions to keep a tidy lot. They sent Denver7 the following statement regarding her plight:

“The safety and comfort of all our residents is our priority. The resident in question has been notified multiple times regarding some outstanding issues that are non-compliant with our community standards outlined in the rental agreements, namely the storage of items. Items must be stored inside or in an approved shed and not on patios or in carports. These standards of cleanliness are administered to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for all residents. We are aware of the residents’ age and circumstances, and will provide additional time for her to attend to the outstanding issues. We have previously requested from her and her representatives to indicate the amount of time needed so we can work with her. We will work closely with her to ensure communication is clear and assistance provided if necessary.”