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DU professor tweets about terrifying attempted abduction during an Uber ride to the airport

Uber is investigating and suspended the driver
Posted at 8:56 PM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-18 00:39:01-04

DENVER -- A DU law professor said an Uber driver told her he was going to take her to a hotel and wouldn't let her out of the car during a ride to the airport Tuesday.

Nancy Leong took to Twitter Tuesday morning to tell the world about her terrifying experience and call on the ride-sharing company to investigate.

According to Leong, she started banging on the windows and caught the attention of nearby construction workers. She said the driver unlocked the doors and she jumped out, then started screaming and pounding on the truck so she could get her luggage.

In her initial tweet she said, "Hey Uber your driver was taking me to the airport. He said he was going to 'take me to a hotel' and got off the highway. We got to a stop light. I started yelling 'let me out of the f---ing car' and he wouldn’t unlock the doors."

Despite the scary ordeal, Leong said she still was still able to make her flight. She sent another tweet when she landed thanking everyone for their concern and saying she's been in touch with Uber.

Uber released the following statement in response:

"What Nancy described is awful and unacceptable. This driver has been blocked from the app and we are investigating." 

As of last check, Denver police said Leong had not filed an incident report. Denver7 reached out to Leong to ask her about the incident but she has not responded.