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DU launches recovery program to support students pursuing sobriety

Posted at 11:56 AM, Sep 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-04 13:56:08-04

DENVER— A local university is offering a program for its students facing struggles with alcohol and drugs to help them on the road to recovery.

This fall, University of Denver will launch its Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) to create a supportive environment that reinforces a person’s decision to pursue sobriety, the university announced Tuesday. It will connect students who are in recovery with peers and provide mentorship from two full-time staff members.

Recent studies found that about 31 percent of college students meet the criteria of substance abuse disorder, while 6 percent meet the criteria for a diagnosis of alcohol dependence, according a release DU. Less than 5 percent of higher education institutions have recovery-focused programming.

“The University of Denver supports students and programs that enhance health and well-being,” said Chancellor Rebecca Chopp. “The launch of the Collegiate Recovery Community further ensures student wellness and creates a deeper sense of belonging on this campus.” 

The CRC will provide a community lounge space for studying, drug- and alcohol-free social events and educational seminars at 1931 S. York St. Staff members will host weekly recovery talks and peer support meetings will stay open to all students on the path to recovery.

The goal of CRC is to provide students with the resources and encouragement needed to prevent relapse and promote academic success.

“Alcohol and other drug use are not new issues on college campuses, and neither is recovery,” said Dylan Dunn, the CRC coordinator. “Knowing the prevalence of alcohol and other drug use on college campuses and understanding the severity of the opioid crisis nationally and in Colorado, conversations began for the need for services for those in recovery from a disordered relationship with alcohol and other drugs.”