DSST Stapleton High School baseball team trailer recovered and returned

Posted at 6:20 PM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-22 20:59:57-04

DENVER -- A high school baseball team is being reunited with their trailer more than a week after it was stolen. Contact7 first brought this story to you last week as the search continued to find the trailer with $10,000 of value inside.

Head Coach Bob Beatty of the DSST Stapleton High School baseball team spent Monday recovering the missing trailer and getting new registration that was also stolen. Beatty picked the trailer up at the Denver Sheriff’s department impound lot.

“We had about $2,000 worth of baseball bats because we had about 15 bats in there and they were about $220 to $230 a piece,” said Beatty. “It’s happy, but it is also like who does this?”

Before it was stolen, the trailer had the baseball team’s gear inside along with materials to finish a batting cage Eagle Scout project on the school’s property.

The team went through the contents after it was recovered, finding bats, player bags and a ladder were among the things stolen.

The trailer also lost some of its identity on the outside from spray paint covering the team’s logo and sponsorships.

“Looks like they were masterminds of disguise,” said Beatty.

The players said they are just happy to have the piece that holds their team together again.

“It has all of our gear and there is no way that we could get anything or everything we needed to practice every day without this trailer,” said Justin Kahn, senior on the team.

As for lessons learned, the team is hoping the steals will be on their side out on the baseball diamond.

“We made a joke the other day that, hey guys we steal bases not things because it does stuff like this,” said Beatty. “Maybe our steals will be up this year because we are going to manifest the pain of this into getting more bases.”

There is a GoFundMe page setup raising money for the team to replace what was stolen.